The Demon Fish !

Firstly, I mistook it for a deer’s head—a predator’s doing! Then upon closer look, I realized it wasn’t a deer—a fish perhaps. A fish with incisors so sharp that it could snap a finger off dare anyone messes with it. The fish lay on the shore dead, desiccating under the sun, fossilizing into a souvenir of the coastal drama. It was a scary site—an aquatic crime scene.

The Gulf of Mannar is home to exotic species of plant and animal. Here, as you stroll across the forested beach, you’ll find myriad of exceptional conch shells, crab carcasses, dead starfishes, sea sponges, and withered bunch of exotic sea weed scattered in abundance. The high tide engulfs a large portion of the beach, and when the water recedes, left behind are these soupcons, left to the whims of hungry predators, or to perish under the scorching sun. This is the way of life here—amoral and innocent.

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