An Energizing Ocean Bath!

Sunset is majestic here—vibrant and energizing!

The turquoise waters of the gulf assumes a dramatic huge of green as the sun plummets down the zenith. The beach is secluded, as always, except for few fishermen making their way back to the shacks. An energizing bath in the balmy waters sooths the fatigue that builds up over the searing day. The waves are gentle.

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The sea weed floats in abundance here—their touch is creepy! The waters being infested with formidable pufferfishes, one has to be careful. The privacy at the beach is great, and one can even go completely nude without attracting any trouble. I did find a local bathing nude at one spot, but he didn’t mind my presence. Neither did I.

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An hour of bathing in the ocean is followed by the long walk back to the hut. It’s dark by the time you reach, and the smell of frying calamari welcomes you to a lip-smacking dinner.

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