A Visit to ‘The Black Pagoda’ !

During my stay in Orissa, I got the chance to visit the famous Sun Temple of Konark (also known as The Black Pagoda). The road to Konark from Puri offers some good views of natural diversity–you can see small streams, narrow rivers channeling through the plains into the sea, forests, and even beaches en route. A good portion of the way lies along the marine drive that runs parallel to the coastline. Another part lies in the Konark wildlife sanctuary which is an abode to many wild plants and animals. I was lucky enough to spot a couple of elephants deep in the woods, though it’s quite rare.

As you reach konark, the scene changes quite a lot. While the roads are vacant most of the time, thousands of tourists from all over the country can be seen flocking around in the temple precincts. Mostly, they come through various tours organised by private and government bus operators. Nevertheless, the number of private vehicles are on the rise as more efforts are being put to strengthen the tourism industry. It appeared to me that while Konark is very famous among the domestic tourists, the number of foreign visitors are quite low. Efforts are being made to attract more global tourists to the place, but given the amount of garbage littered around on the road and the nearby beaches, it a far cry from reality.

The temple of Konark has a grand historical value, and anyone visiting here can really cherish the greatness of Ancient India cultures.

This temple is built in the form of chariot with seven horses pulling it from the sides. The wheels of the chariot have 8 spokes each depicting 8 “pahar” or time divisions of the day. The seven horses depict 7 days of the week. Then there are elephants and lions, Gods and Kings, Snake-women and wolf-men, and a lot of “kinky” carvings on the walls which would be demeed too explicit from mordern perspective. 🤐  All this built in the 13 century by King  Narshimhadeva I of the Ganga Dynasty.

 Sadly few horses (and much of the temple)have been destroyed (allegedly) by Islamic invaders in the early 15th to 19th century. Today the ruins of the temple stand as the shining example of ancient Indian architecture, and a symbol of Libertine Sexual Traditions which dominated the Indian past. Thanks to Lord Curzon- the Viceroy of British India for his massive restoration efforts in early 19th century . Today Konark Sun Temple (The black Pagoda) is a UNESCO world heritage site and a popular tourist destination in India. 
Check out some erotic arts of the Konark Sun Temple !

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