2018 – An year of wandering !

When I quit my job at Amazon in 2018, all I had in my mind was to travel the nooks and corners of the country, and experience the great diversity that defines this nation.

I backpacked along the west coast of India trailing the offbeat terrains of Andhra, Orissa, and Bengal, before setting in Varanasi for a week where I had a spiritual awakening. A few weeks later, having paid a visit to my home in Bihar, I was again wandering in the lush rainforests of Sohra, Meghalaya.  I joined Reuters in April, but continued to travel whenever I could.  I took a long vacation and flew to Delhi in August. From there, boarded a bus to Manali, which was a journey to remember! Next few days I roamed in the middle and upper Himalayas of Himachal and Kashmir, covering parts of Spiti, Lahul and Laddakh. I also visited the Gulf of Mannar off the coast of Pamban Island which became my favorite destination (so much so that I visited it twice in a single year J ).  Did I forget to mention my visit to Goa?  😛

Today when I look back, my mind conjures up vivid memories of the days gone by—of the noisy sea waves dashing against the shiny black cliffs, of dazzling religious rituals unfolding in the sanctum sanctorum of temples and shrines, of the pleasant afternoon breeze filling my senses with pleasures beyond narrative, of long boating adventures in uncharted backwaters, of brilliant sunsets and glass-like reflection of the palm trees on the wet beaches during low tides, of hysterical crabs playing hide and seek on the lonesome shorelines, of scintillating corals breathing under pristine blue waters, of strange sea creatures scaling the floor of the ocean, of snow-capped mountains, of unsullied glaciers, of crystal clear lakes, of—

There’s so much to see in India; the diversity is overwhelming! And it fills me with great pride to born in a nation so rich and diverse with its varied landscapes, climates, cultures, languages and cuisines.

“If there is one place on the face of this earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when Man began the dream of existence, it is India.”

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