Rot Fie Night Train Market – A seafood Paradise!

Her fingers gripped my arms tightly as she lugged me through the crowd— a chafing march through the swarm of excited night punters. The bazaar looked intriguing with all its vivid arcades, housing an  assortment of exotic collectables and ephemeras.

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She continued to haul me through the crowd protectively, for I was a precious item to lose. I was carrying her shopping bag: everything she had spent last two hours buying—denim skirts, baby doll slips, tank tops, frilly dresses, colourful contacts, shoes and what not ! And finally as we settle at a cozy corner on a roof top pub, I was having the prospect of appreciating the scrumptiousness she had gathered from the eateries down in the lane—that titillating display of succulent prawns, of vivid crabs, meaty Escargots, scallops, and oysters.

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The smell of roasting prawns is one of the most rousing smells in the world !

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If you’re a lover of seafood, this could be your ideal retreat. Insanely cheap ! A seafood package (containing almost all the items mentioned above) would cost you about 400 bhatt. Now that’s why I keep coming to this place again and again ! 🙂

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