A Reflective Afternoon

October is the time of changeover. One can see plastic veils finally lifting of the beach huts, and woodcrafters, immersed in their art of joinery, refurbishing the beach cabins which would serve as accommodation for tourists in the coming few months.

Lounging in the porch of my cottage, I looked at the sea in profound veneration, that shimmering sheet of platinum, dotted with peppy skinny-dippers and paddlers. As the sun becomes milder, I decided to take a dip in the sea.

A fulfilling bath is always followed by a mindful reflection. As I lay bare on the balmy sand, watching the droplets of water on my skin slowly dissolve under the sun, I reflect about the nature of life. Life is like a cherry blossom in the spring. It doesn’t last forever. And to be aware of the ephemeral nature of life gives us a candid perspective of reality, a reason to live mindfully, and to embrace the present moment in its totality. This is moment where I let go of all my worrisome thoughts, and surrender myself to the cozy embrace of seaside. Being aware of the fact the sun will go down, and darkness will descend makes this moment so beautiful.

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