2019 – Looking Back !

2019 was different. I saw myself transform from a hippy backpacker into a more conventional traveler. I felt the spirit of wandering die within me as the lure of luxury and comfort grew stronger and stronger. Scaling mountains and diving into the wild sea became a distant memory, and for some reason I did not have the urge to revive them. Instead, I stuck to talking laid-back vacations to some familiar places, making luxury and pleasure the intrinsic goal to fulfill. I was fighting the existential reality with hedonism, and it led to some great epiphanies.

I visited Thailand thrice and Goa four times this year. Earned some wonderful memories. I don’t remember going to any other places, and that’s so different from 2018 (Read: 2018: A year of wandering) when I actually ‘wandered’ across India. While I don’t regret the travel choices I made this year, I do think I should have traveled more.

Looking forward to an exciting 2020 !

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