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How much can you earn from Google AdSense?

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Google AdSense is the gold standard of blog monetization. It gives a lot of bloggers like me an opportunity to earn money by publishing content in the form of blog posts. By incentivizing content creation, AdSense empowers bloggers like me to create value for their readers and get rewarded for it. The synergy and symbiosis it creates is awe inspiring !

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a Google owned venture that allows publishers like me to display ads around their content. These ads are usually CPC based, meaning that everytime a reader clicks on them, the publisher (me) gets paid ! 

Where does this ad come from?

The ads are created by advertisers. Google offers platforms like AdWords which allows advertisers across different niches to create ads in multiple formats. These ads are then displayed on Google Search results and other partner websites (like blogs) that have signed up for adsense.

How much does one AdSense click generate?

It depends. Some ads pay more when clicked. Some pay less. To understand this, you first need to understand how the ad auction works. 

Websites are like real estate. At any given time, the number of websites eligible to display adsense ads are limited, and the cost of advertising is determined by the laws of economics.

Demand and Supply

Advertises bid for the scarce web spaces, and the price discovery for an ad click is dynamic. It is similar to how the stock market works. Some niches pay more because there is more demand for bidding on keywords related to them. Naturally, if something is in more demand, its price will be driven higher. Ads in such niches will therefore pay more. The opposite is true for keywords which are not in demand among the advertisers.

What are the requirements for getting accepted into AdSense?

Not all blogs are eligible to run adsense ads. A free wordpress blog for example cannot run adsense because in order to display ads, you need to add custom HTML codes to your webpages. Since free wordpress blogs don’t offer the feature to use plugins or insert custom HTML codes, you will not be able to monetize your site with adsense in such cases.

WordPress Business Plan

If you have a wordpress business plan or a self hosted website, you can submit your site on the adsense portal. It takes a few days for Google to verify your website. The approval depends upon how well your site adheres to Google’s webmaster guidelines. Create a $hi**ty site and you are sure to be rejected. Been there. 🙁 

Other AdSense considerations to make

You need to make sure that you do not have multiple adsense accounts before submitting your site. Google can easily detect such policy violations and it will delay the approval process. My website was rejected five times due to this very reason. I had four adsense accounts with different email ids and I had to delete all the duplicates and re-apply.

#1. Good Navigation

My site was also rejected once because of a poor navigational structure. It took me a while to understand what good blogging practices are. This included having well-defined categories and menu, and using appropriate tags for each blogpost and so on. Your website structure should be such that all your content should be easily reachable from the homepage.

#2. Privacy Policy

 It is also a good idea to have a Privacy Policy and Contact Page to ensure your chances of approval. 

#3. Good Content and SEO

The content that you create should be valuable for your readers. Stuffing your page with affiliate links, without adding much value will cause your site to be rejected. Google can also penalize such pages by blacklisting them from its search index.

Another important factor to consider is good SEO practices to help google and other search engine analyze your content better. This not only helps in content discovery but also in ad targeting which is directly related to your earnings.

#4. Regular site maintenance

Once you are accepted into Google Adsense, you have to continue maintaining the quality of your website. Google can do a reassessment of your website if it suspects violation of content and ad policies post adsense approval. As long as you keep generating great content and create value for your readers and follow Google content creation guidelines, you can be assured that your adsense account is safe. There are many useful tools by Google that can help you check your site’s compliance and health and take action to keep your site in optimal condition. 

Happy Earning

I hope you found information on this post helpful. I would like to conclude by saying that blog monetization through adsense is a perfect way to create a sustainable publishing model that can allow you to create value for your readers and get rewarded for it. Your readers will thank you when your content solves their problems, and you will earn money if they happen to click on the ads displayed on your website. This symbiosis keeps the blogosphere running. Understand that the online industry survives because of ad revenues. If publishers are not incentivised for creating content, the business model will not exist. And the internet as we know it will not exist. 


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