I read ‘Antifragile: Things that gain from Disorder’ by Nassim Taleb

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I do not describe myself as a voracious reader and rarely have patience to read a book from start to finish. However, some books are too good to resist, even for a restless mind like mine. Antifragile: Things that gain from Disorder is one such book. The book has had a huge impact on my life, and in this blog post I will tell you how it can change your life as well. So, stick on.

Stress is beneficial (conditions applied)

According to the author, some things benefit from shocks, setbacks and stressors. Taleb calls them antifragile, a neologism he feels was necessary to coin. Ask anyone the opposite of fragile and they will probably say things like robust and resilient. However, Taleb says that such an antonym is not accurate. Robust or Resilient is the characteristic something that resists stress and stays unchanged when exposed to damage, whereas antifragile is something that gains from the damage. 

The best example of Antifragility described in the book is that of the mythological character ‘Hydra‘ – a serpent-like creature that lived in the lake of Lerna, near Argos, and had numerous tentacle-like heads. Every time it’s tentacles were cut, it would grow new ones. In a way, Hydra is antifragile because it gains from the damage inflicted upon it.

The legend of Mithridates IV 

Legend has it that King Mithridates IV of Pontus used to ingest very small doses of poison. He started with smaller doses and progressively increased the dose. Ultimately he came to develop an immunity against them. The king was able to fortify himself against the drugs of others, and that offered him protection against the risk of poisoning by his enemies. This phenomenon has been named Mithridatization.

A more scientific name for this phenomenon is Hormesis and can be described as:

 “An exposure to a small dose of a substance that, over time, makes one immune to additional, larger quantities of it.” 

It has been proven scientifically that a little bit of an otherwise harmful substance acts to benefit the organism. It makes the organisms better overall as it triggers some overreaction and creates in it the ability to withstand greater doses of the harm.

Linear vs NonLinear

A linear relationship can be expressed as a straight line on graph. In the equation Y = ax + b, if you increase the value of ‘x’, the value of y will also increase. 

Real life examples of linearity can be observed in driving. When you increase the acceleration in your car, your car moves faster, and it slows down when you decelerate. The distance covered by the car in a given time frame has a linear relationship with the speed.

However much of life is non-linear and doesn’t work the same way as a car. Spending two weekends in Thailand is not twice as pleasant as a single one. 

Hormesis is non-linear

The response of stressor (or damage) on the organism is non-linear, meaning that only within a certain limit, the stressor is beneficial. If it exceeds the limit, it ends up doing harm. 

Example of non linear dose response

#1. Physical Exercise 

Moderate regular exercise makes us stronger, but too much exercise without adequate rest creates problems in the body. Therefore, exercise can be called a ‘stressor’ which can be harmful if done beyond a particular limit. 

#2. Consumption of Alcohol

Another example is that of consuming alcohol. Some studies have proven that moderate consumption of alcohol (ethanol) increased the lifespan of earthworms, but when the dose was increased beyond the Hormetic limit, it ended up reducing the lifespan. Many studies have related moderate consumption of alcohol in humans with improved heart health and longevity.

#3. Diet

 It has been argued that the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables comes from the presence of toxic phytochemicals in them rather than the alleged vitamins and minerals. Eating them leads to mithridatization of sorts, where the body develops immunity against the harm and becomes stronger in the process. According to this view, plants protect themselves from harm and fend off predators with poisonous substances that, ingested by us in the right quantities, may lead to hormetic adaptations. In other words, low-dose poisoning triggers health benefits.

Hormesis is necessary for survival.

The difference between a non-living thing and a living thing is the ability of the living to benefit from stress. Infact, according to the author, antifragility determines the boundary between what is living, say, the human body, and what is inert, say, a chair. 

This ability of benefiting from nonlinear dose response to stressors ( like physical damage, toxins, emotional headwinds, volatility, and uncertainty) plays a crucial role in survival and evolution. 

Comfort causes atrophy

Depriving systems of stressors is not necessarily a good thing, and can be very harmful !

It’s no wonder why Cato the Censor looked at comfort  as a road to waste. He believed that having something too easy is bad because it causes ‘weakening of the will‘. You must have heard that the best horses lose when they compete with slower ones, and win against better rivals. 

Under compensation from the absence of a stressor degrades the best of the best” – Nassim Taleb

Taleb gives the example of modern-day medical intervention to illustrate how overmedication for even simple ailments leads to dependence and weakening of the body’s innate ability to deal with illnesses. 

Today a lot of people depend on mood boosting medications like Prozac to treat depression and anxiety. Opioid usage has reached epidemic proportions, affecting not just older people but also teens. But the question is:  Is easy access to opioids to silence our natural mood swings and anxiety a good thing? 

Maybe not.

Opioids are notorious for causing tolerance and addiction, and if not used judiciously can wreck our lives. Easy availability of these drugs tempts us to look for an easy way to deal with our problems, devoiding us of the ability to deal with them naturally. In the process they stifle creativity and natural problem solving, and lead to maladaptations. The authors says:

Had Prozac been available last century, Baudelaire’s “spleen,” Edgar Allan Poe’s moods, the poetry of Sylvia Plath, the lamentations of so many other poets, everything with a soul would have been silenced.


The book discusses the concept of antifragility in great detail, and I have barely scratched the surface. But if you ask me what the biggest take away for me was, I would say:

Our bodies, and other complex systems (like the society as a whole) have an innate ability to benefit from the right amount of stress. Having an understanding of how antifragility works can help us improve ourselves, not just at an individual level but also the society as a whole. In the words of the author:

“It is quite perplexing that those from whom we have benefited the most aren’t those who have tried to help us (say with “advice”) but rather those who have actively tried—but eventually failed—to harm us.”

If you found the content of this post interesting, I recommend that you read ‘Antifragile: Things that gain from Disorder’ by Nasim Taleb today !

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[Book Review] Hygge: The Danish way to a simpler, happier life

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In a world where everything seems to be confusing and fast paced, how often do we really get the time to reflect on the state of our mind and ask ourselves: Are we really happy?

I took some time off from my hectic life to ponder over this existential question, and thanks to Hygge: The Danish way to a simpler, happier life, I kind of have my answer now.

About the book

Hygge: The Danish way to a simpler, happier life is a book by Alexander Parker.

While there are many popular books written on Hygge, Parker approaches the subject with much simplicity and an in-depth research. His book provides a guide to help people understand the true essence of hygge without getting caught up in the esoteric philosophical gobbledygook that most of the self-improvement books are filled with. The book carefully compiles the ideas from various studies, discussions, books, and articles about hygge offering an effective solution to relieve yourself from the various stressors in your life. 

Note – Some links in this post may be affiliate links from Amazon. If you click on them and make a purchase, I will earn a small monetary reward. As per the Amazon affiliate policy, it is important for a blogger to disclose this to the readers.

Understanding Hygge

One of the key takeaways from this book is to learn to enjoy the simple pleasures found in day-to-day activities. Be it at home, work, or while spending time with our loved ones, hygge can teach us to live in the present and appreciate the experiences around us.

But what exactly is hygge?

It’s difficult to define the term precisely in English. But loosely speaking, Hygge is about improving one’s quality of life. The practitioners of Hygge do that by establishing and maintaining a good relationship with the self, with other people, and with the environment. 

Hygge has been in existence since the early 1800’s, but it was only in mid-2010’s that it became popular with the rest of the world. In 2017, Pinterest recognized hygge as one of the hottest trends among its users and up to this day, Twitter and Instagram continue to trend with hygge-related posts. 

Those who have already been practicing hygge do not find this surprising. Afterall, the pursuit of comfort and happiness is a global phenomenon. In the age of globalization, the dissemination of information is quick, and cultural exchange is swift. While some of us might find hygge as a completely alien concept, others find it resonate with their own personal idea of wellbeing.  

The book by Parker describes many cultural terms that are similar to hygge. Some of these are Friluftsliv, Gemiitlichkeit, Gezelligheid and Koselig. They all are different European concepts, however, the core ideas shared by them can be summarised as follows

  • They seek to establish a connection with nature
  • A focus on living an active lifestyle
  • Practicing mindfulness and meditation
  • Attaining higher level of consciousness
  • Spending time with your family, friends, and loved ones.

The Danish Way of Living

Danes are regarded as one of the happiest people in the world. Hygge is a very important part of Danish culture, and perhaps is the secret of happiness for the Danes. 

From what I have understood by studying their lives, most of the Danes live a simple life. They don’t hoard things or get obsessed about rapidly changing trends in fashion and technology. For them, activities like going out on a hike with close friends or enjoying a book by the fireplace is far more valuable than obsessing over things they have no control over.

Some of the activities commonly associated with Hygge by Danes as described in the book are:

  •    Sitting beside a fireplace
  •    Baking cookies, cakes, and other types of pastries
  •    Having an intimate dinner with family and friends
  •    Snuggling under a thick blanket with your loved one
  •    Wearing a cozy cardigan
  •    Going on a nature hike
  •    Taking a long hot bath
  •    Listening to relaxing music
  •    Performing meditation or mindfulness exercises
  •    Writing down the things you are thankful for in a daily journal
  •    Lighting up scented candles
  •    Cooking and savoring your favorite dish
  •    Spending the evening by the fireplace with your loved ones
  •    Taking a long, hot shower in the morning
  •    Dressing yourself up with the most comfortable pieces of clothing that you can find
  •    Reading a book while drinking a cup of hot chocolate
  •    Admiring the scenery as you breathe in and out in deliberate manner
  •    Putting down your cell phone and personally socializing with other people instead
  •    Watching your favorite movie while cozying up under a woolen duvet
  • And more…

Everyone can achieve Hygge

Hygge has become a global phenomena. It transcends not just geographical boundaries and cultures, but also the seasons and climates. There is truly no excuse to avoid inculcating the wonderful principles of hygge in our lives. 

With Hygge you can create special moments with your loved ones wherever and whenever you want. It helps you improve  the quality of your living without having to spend so much of your resources. Most importantly, it teaches you to place greater importance on your personal experiences and relationships with other people, than on material things. 

If you want to learn the ways of Hygge in greater detail, I recommend that you read Hygge: The Danish way to a simpler, happier life by Alexander Parker.  

Hygge will give you a chance to improve the overall quality of your life. At its core, this type of lifestyle promotes the idea of removing oneself from situations that could be emotionally overwhelming, and instead, focusing on the things that could make one happy. Compared to other lifestyle trends, hygge does not require much effort or money. In fact, the less you spend, the more hyggelig your life would be !

Hygge: The Danish way to a simpler, happier life (Free Preview)

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Smartwatch Buying Guide | Best Smartwatches on Amazon (2021)

I have been an avid watcher of the smartwatches space for quite a while now and the latest development in smartwatch technologies taken over my attention lately. These little devices are much more powerful than ever before. They have been expanding their capabilities in terms of what they can do – all without having your phone on you at all times.

Best Smart Phones on Amazon

Stumped about which smart watch to buy ? I’ve got just the thing! Check out this curated list of beautifully crafted smart watches on Amazon. From leather straps and metal bands, to digital timepieces with a modern twist – there is something that will look stunning on your wrist all year round!

My Three Favorite Picks

Noise ColorFit Pro 2

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 will change the way you workout forever. This is a watch with impressive features that are perfect for those who love to stay active and want their workouts tracked every step of the way. The built-in optical HR monitor provides accurate information on your heart rate, which can be great when exercising in certain conditions or if you’re already feeling tired from past exercise sessions. Plus it has ten days battery life so even marathon runners won’t have to worry about stopping before they hit 10k! 😀 Forget working out at home all alone – thanks to this watch’s 9 sports modes, there’ll always be something new coming up for anyone looking for an exciting challenge whether indoors or outdoors!

This new noise colorfit pro 2 has an amazing design that weighs in at only 35 grams while still being fully touch screen enabled for easy navigation through all of its features without any difficulty whatsoever. This device can go up to 1 meter underwater which means it will be able to survive even your most daring water adventures like scuba-diving or surfing so long as they don’t last more than about 10 minutes.

realme Smart Watch S

The Realme Smart Watch S is designed with a sleek metal case, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and touchscreen display. It can be adjusted to fit both small wrists as well as large ones at 164-208 mm in length (6.5 – 8 inches). The watch features 360 x360 pixels screen resolution for a detailed HD image quality on its 1.3 inch TFT LCD Touchscreen Display that also has an auto brightness adjustment option so you’re always able to see clearly no matter what the lighting conditions are like around you! You’ll never have any difficulty reading this device’s brilliant 720p Super AMOLED Display because it offers up 600 nits of Brightness which makes everything come out crisp & clear while using even minimal battery power.

Realme Smart Watch S is a handsome smartwatch that’s built to be tough, and can take up some punishment – including being submerged in water for thirty minutes (IP68) without any damage! The watch also has many other features: heart rate monitor & blood oxygen sensor which displays call notifications on your wrist as well as controls music playback and takes pictures while you’re out exploring; regular stopwatches or timers like when cooking dinner at home or timing laps during workouts. It even measures calories burned after exercise so you don’t have look anywhere else if keeping track of your fitness.

boAt Flash Edition Smartwatch

The boAt Flash Edition is a good smartwatch that allows you to track your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, as well as being able to measure calories burnt. The watch also offers 10 active sports modes so that it can be used for a variety of activities including running or cycling. Other features include 7 day battery life with 20 days standby time which means this device will last up until next week without any charging needed.

This smart watch is a rugged, highly durable device that can be used by people who are serious about tracking their fitness levels. It has an easy-to-read 1.3 inch LCD display and round dial that makes it easier for users with big or small wrists alike to use the touch screen interface while wearing gloves in cold weather conditions without having difficulty scrolling through messages on social media platforms like Facebook Messenger. This powerful timekeeping gadget also comes equipped with ten active sports modes (including swimming).

At a glance

Still confused?

It is hard to make a decision because there are so many options on the market right now that all seem like good deals in different ways. Sometimes one option will sound really appealing until you start reading reviews from others who have already bought them.

I have curated this search page on Amazon for the best smart watches under 5000 with carefully selected filters. I hope it will help you make the best decision regarding buying smart watches.

Best Smart Watches under 5000

Best Apple Watches

Kindly note that links on this page might be amazon affiliate links, and if you make purchase by clicking on it, I might earn a small reward from Amazon for putting up this list for you. Happy Shopping !

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Best Gift for Raksha Bandhan (August 22, 2021)

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Every year, my sister and I go through the same process of debating over what is the best gift for Raksha Bandhan. It’s a game we’ve been playing since we were kids. She’ll come up with an idea that I reject in favor of another gift she doesn’t want, and so on and so forth until one of us runs out of ideas. This year it looks like the winner is going to have their way! 😉

When a sister tie a Rakhi on her brother’s wrist, she know that he will always be there for her forever. Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the love between brothers and sisters. This year, give your beloved siblings gifts they’ll cherish for years to come with these inexpensive but thoughtful presents!

In this guide:

Trending Raksha Bandhan Gifts for 2021

Best Unisex Gifts for Raksha Bandhan

There’s a special bond between brothers and sisters. It tends to be one that has the ability to last through all of life’s upsets, disagreements, and disappointments. They are able, by nature of their shared bloodline, to see beyond any disagreement or disappointment in order for them not only survive but also thrive together as siblings. Below I have compiled a list of best unisex gifts for your brother or sister this Raksha Bandhan to cherish this beautiful relationship.

Noise Cancellation Headphones

If your siblings love music and can’t live without it even when commuting or at work, then an excellent option is noise-cancelling headphones with Bluetooth capability so that they can listen his favorite tunes all day long while blocking out external sounds.

Check out Noise Cancellation Headphones on Amazon

Amazon Kindle Reader

Gift giving doesn’t always have to be about tangible things like clothes. Instead consider gifting something intangible yet extremely meaningful; give the gift of knowledge by getting somebody started out right with technology from Amazon’s Kindles line up!

Gifting a Kindle on Raksha Bandhan is an excellent way to show your appreciation for your siblings. You can easily buy the device and send it as a gift, or purchase one of these cards that allows them to choose their own e-book reader with features such as Wi-Fi enabled reading on any available connection, front light illumination in low lighting settings, and more!

Check out Kindle Readers on Amazon

Gift Card

What’s better than giving your siblings something they want? Giving them what they need! A gift card from an online store like Amazon can be used to buy everything from electronics to household items. This means you’ll never have any trouble finding a perfect present – even if you don’t know exactly what type of gadget or appliance he or she would most enjoy using in their everyday life. Gift card can be an excellent gift for your siblings this Raksha Bandhan !

Check out Gift Cards on Amazon

1000 ml Infuser Water Bottle

One of the best gifts to give on Raksha Bandhan is a set of Fruit Infuser Water Bottles. These bottles will allow your dear brother or sister to infuse their drinking water with fruits, vegetables or herbs for an extra boost in flavor! The Infusion Unit comes included so that they can start making healthy infused drinks immediately. With each bottle including 1000 ml, it’s perfect for sharing around during brunch gatherings too!

Check Infuser Water Bottles on Amazon

Fidget Infinity Cube

It’s a tough time of year, and we all are feeling the pressure. Why not let go while focusing on something else? Fidget toys are the best gifts with endless uses for adults or kids! They’re also great gifts to give when in doubt about what present to get someone that they’ll actually like (trust me). Give your brother or sister Fidget Infinity cube this Raksha Bandhan and make them forget the stress !

Check Fidget Cubes on Amazon

UV Protected Sunglasses

Is you sibling a fan of sunglasses ? Gift him or her a stylish gift this season with a pair of Brown Round Stylish Sunglasses. These glasses are polarized and UV protected, making them great for both men and women!

Best Sunglasses Collection on Amazon

Adjustable Foot Hammocks

Work from home is tough, and that is why foot hammocks are one of the best gifts for Raksha Bandhan this year. If your sibling is tired of their feet dangling off the edge of your desk, they will definitely love this gift.

The foot hammock is perfect for use under desks and comes with metal hooks with adjustable height settings so you can change it up when needed! With different colors available, this product will give any office or home décor some flair without looking like an eyesore.

Check out Foot Hammocks on Amazon

Croma Drip Coffee Maker with 10 Cup Capacity

The Croma Drip Coffee Maker is an amazing gift for any coffee lover. It’s sleek design and 10 cup capacity make it perfect to use in a big household or office space that needs more than just one person making the morning brew! The keep warm function will make sure your lovely siblings can enjoy their delicious drink all day long. This machine also has permanent nylon filter so you won’t need to buy filters again.

The Croma Drip Coffee Maker makes any beginning brewer feel confident with the ease of preparing fresh coffee.

Check out Coffee Makers on Amazon

Aromatherapy Humidifier

Aromatherapy Humidifier can be the perfect gift for your brother or sister this Raksha Bandhan. It is a humidifier that releases scented water vapor into the air and even has an aroma therapeutic mode which can help them focus or fall asleep with ease.

Check out Humidifiers on Amazon

Glass Stainless Teapot with Removable Infuser Tea Leaf

A perfect gift for tea lovers this Raksha Bandhan is this a teapot with Removable Infuser. This durable set includes a glass teapot, removable infuser and lid as well as an accompanying stainless steel strainer to ensure that all leaves are in your cup of choice without any fuss! You will also have access to 16 different colors so you can easily find one suited just right for siblings this Rakhi season. The included instructions allow even novice drinkers not only enjoy loose leaf tea but know how much water they need when brewing their favorite blend according to taste preference.

Check out Tea Infusers on Amazon

Chalkboard Typography Mug

A unique chalk board mug with a typographical design on the front. The perfect gift for someone who loves to drink hot beverages!

As you sip your morning coffee, the pleasant scent of chalk smoothly tickles your nose. You’re just entering into a new day and already feeling refreshed! The smell is reminiscent to that time when all things seemed right in life – as if it were like magic. A perfect Rakhi gift !

Check out Coffee Mugs on Amazon

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod with Wireless Remote

Does your sibling enjoy taking selfies ? Then, the gifting this multifunctional, extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod is perfect! This multifunctional selfie stick has a remote that can be detached and used as a standalone controller while also being compatible with all smartphones such as iPhones, Samsungs, OPPOs etc. Now even more awesome features include its extendable arm which allows it to reach up high or far distances without having any trouble capturing yourself in great detail! All this and much more are available at an affordable price. This is one of the best gift to give this Raksha Bandhan.

Check out Selfie Sticks on Amazon

Magnetic Hourglass

Magnetic hourglass is a perfect gift for all the magic lovers in your life. This unusual item will help them tell time and do it with style! They’ll be able to watch sand flow from top to bottom, gently nudged by magnets that are both strong enough not to allow grains escape but gentle enough as well so they won’t get hurt when handling this beauty of an ornament.

Check out hourglasses on Amazon

Mini LED Projector

This Mini LED Projector is a great gift for Raksha Bandhan. It provides hours of entertainment in one compact device and can be utilized both indoors or outdoors. This pocket projector features 1080p HD resolution, giving you crisp images with rich colors that will make watching movies like never before!

Check out Mini Home Projectors on Amazon

Compact Key Organizer Keychain

This sleek keychain holder is perfect for the person on-the-go. It features a polished exterior that looks elegant while it protects the keys from damage and keeps them discreetly hidden away in its interior compartment!

Don’t let the size of this key holder fool you, it can hold up to 20 keys. The compartmentalized design is perfect for sorting and organizing your car/housekeys so they are easy to find when needed!

Check out Keychain Organizers on Amazon

Best Raksha Bandhan Gift for Sisters

Pendent Necklace

In what can be considered one of its simplest forms in fashion, many people choose to wear jewelry around the neck. Women love pendent Necklaces and this can be a perfect gift for your sister this Raksha Bandhan.

Check out Pendants on on Amazon

Check Necklaces on Amazon

Silver Charm Bracelet

Your sister will be so excited to receive this beautiful bracelet this Raksha Bandhan! This silver accessory is sure to become her favorite piece of jewelry. Engraved on the side are beautiful design that you know she’ll love.

Check out Bracelets on Amazon

Polycarbonate Hardsided Check-in Luggage Bag

Do you know what your dear sister needs for her next trip? Check out this awesome, hard-sided Polycarbonate luggage! It’s 67 cms and has blue color.

You’re going to have a hard time trying to find the perfect gift for here that’s always on-the-go. No matter how many times you look, it never seems like anything is quite right. But not anymore! I’m here with just what she needs: Polycarbonate Blue Hardsided Checkin Luggage – an affordable and practical choice, but also one of the most popular items this Raksha Bandhan. It features two zippered pockets inside which are great for storage space when traveling light or having extra clothes at hand.

Check out Trolley Bags on Amazon

Hand Bag With Combo

Treat your sister to the perfect present this Rakhi Season. A gift that you can’t go wrong with is a handbag. This bag is perfect for a woman who ‘has it all’. The handbag will make any lady feel like the queen of fashion and style!

Check out Handbags on Amazon

Check handbags on Amazon

Zip Around Women’s Wallet

You can’t go wrong with a gift for your sis, especially if she’s always on the go. This wallet would be perfect! You know she is going to need that one last thing before heading out of the house and this little number is it.

Gift her a Zip Around Women’s Wallet this Raksha Bandhan and watch the smile on her face ! This wallet is perfect for the woman who wants to carry all her necessities.

Check out Woman’s Wallet on Amazon

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Consider the Cat Eye Sunglasses as a fantastic Raksha Bandhan gift for your beloved sister. They are not only fashionable but also practical, and they can be found at many different price points to suit any budget! If you want your sister to feel special this Rakhi, then there is no better way than with an elegant pair of sunglasses.

Check out Cat Eye Sunglasses on Amazon

Hoop Earrings Set

Give her a hoop earrings set so she can show off her style and taste.

The Hoop Earrings Set is a great gift for any lady. It’s perfect to wear on the go, and with so many patterns available you can find one that suits just about anyone!

The best part? These earrings come in sets of three or four pairs, making it easy to give her exactly what she wants without guessing which ones would work better than others.

Check out Hoop Earrings on Amazon

Abstract Print Shrug

This abstract print shrug is an excellent present for your sister this Raksha Bandhan. It features a black and red geometric design that will look great with any color palette!

This gorgeous shrug is made of 100% Polyester, making it super soft to wear. A self-tie closure at neckline ensures she can adjust the fit for maximum comfort all day long (and continues this trend as one size fits most). With its loose fitting style, she can pair it with anything from skirts or jeans to dresses or pants – whatever makes her feel like a total goddess on those chilly days where she needs just enough coverage without adding too much bulk under sweaters and jackets.

Check out Woman’s Shrugs on Amazon

Formal Bow Belly Footwear

Give her a new pair of formal shoes to go with all her fancy dresses. Show her your love with a formal gift of beautiful shoes fit for any occasion. Formal Bow Belly Footwear is the perfect present to show you care and celebrate Raksha Bandhan together!

Check out Woman’s Formal Footwear on Amazon

Analogue Women’s Watch

With all the important moments in a woman’s life, it is only fitting to give her an equally special watch.

When there are so many milestones and celebrations that happen throughout a lifetime, what better way of showing your appreciation than with this Analogue Women’s Watch? With its lovely design, this watch will be treasured forever by your beloved sister.

Check out Analoge Woman’s Watch on Amazon

Non-stick Cookware Set

A great gift idea for Raksha Bandhan if your sister loves cooking would be this amazing cookware set with durable non stick coating made out of tough aluminum material. It has everything you need including frying pan deep pot etc.

This 3 piece kit includes pots and pans that are scratch resistant so as not to mar the food while cooking it up! No more scrubbing and these will be easy enough for even her husband to use. 😉

Check out Nonstick Cookwear Set on Amazon

Best Raksha Bandhan Gift for Brothers

Grooming Kit Combo

This is a great gift for any guy that likes to look their best. This kit comes with everything they need, from the comb and toothbrush down to the mustache wax!

A good grooming kit has all of the essentials for looking sharp before starting the day out. Gifting your brother a grooming kit combo is a great idea this Raksha Bandhan !

Check out Grooming Kit Giftset on Amazon

Metal Logo Wallet

Gift your brother the Puma Metal Logo Wallet. This wallet is a slim, sleek design with plenty of space for all his needs and an easy to open flip top closure that ensures no one can snoop around inside his cash or cards. 😉

Check out Mens Wallet on Amazon

Training Backpack

You know he’ll love it because backpacks are a great way for people on-the-go like your brother.

The pack can carry anything, but it is especially good at carrying heavy loads without straining the back muscles too much. There are many different styles of packs that you could choose from and they come in varying sizes as well so there will surely be one that fits his style perfectly!

Check out Training Backpacks on Amazon

Multi-Tool Pocket Knife with Nylon Sheath

This sleek stainless steel folding pocket multitool knife can be a good gifting option for your brother this Rakhi season. It features a practical blade, scissors with an ergonomic grip, wire cutter and can opener on opposite sides of the main blade as well as pliers that are easy to use by your thumb. The nylon sheath makes it convenient to carry this sharp tool .

Check out Multitool Knifes on Amazon

Assorted Wool Blend Socks

You brother doesn’t have to go hunting for his favorite socks anymore thanks to these stylish Wool Blend Socks. With an assortment of colors, you will always be able to find the perfect pair without a doubt!

He can now say goodbye to sifting through multiple pairs of mismatched socks because with this set there are so many options right in front of him !

Check out Mens Socks on Amazon

Softshell Jacket

If you want to get the perfect gift for your brother this Raksha Bandhan, this softshell jacket will be just right. He’ll love it!

Softshell Jacket will be a unique and special enough for bro – not too personal or sentimental so they don’t feel weird about gifts but still something meaningful. :P. They’re supposedly more durable than regular jackets which is exactly why they are great gifting option.

Check out Softshell Jackets on Amazon

Leather Gloves for Motorcycle Riders

Gifts for a brother who loves to drive?

You have found the perfect gift! If your bro is an motorcycle rider buy him a pair of leather gloves this Raksha Bandhan. It will keep his hands warm during winter season rides and ensure his safety as they come with anti-slip grip technology. They’ve got rubberized pads on them too for when he needs to shift gears in wet weather conditions.

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Professional Tool Kit

Gift your brother the 650W Professional Tool Kit which he has always been wanting to buy. It includes a plethora of tools for any needs. Hex keys, slotted screwdrivers in different sizes, head drivers, nut driver, he knows it better ! It many come equipped with an adjustable wrench that can be used to open and grip nuts or bolts. Great gifting idea if your brother is into such stuffs.

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Professional Binoculars

Your brother has been busy lately. Is he up to anything in particular? If you’re feeling generous, these binoculars will take his outdoor adventures to a whole new level! They are water and fog-proof with HD quality optics for extreme viewing clarity and long distance vision, perfect for high range observation of nature or sporting events. A perfect gift for Raksha Bandhan !

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SpO2 Smart Watch

You’re going to give the perfect gift to your brother this Raksha Bandhan. The SpO2 Full Touch Smart Watch from 400 Nits is a must-have for any modern day tech lover that also wants an edge in their health and fitness routine. With 24*7 heart rate monitoring, IPX7 water resistance against sweat and rain, it’s ideal for long distance athletes or those who lead busy lifestyles with hectic schedules where they can’t be near a charger often enough.

This watch will keep your brother on his toes all day by tracking everything form steps taken to blood oxygen levels so you’ll know when something might need attention before serious damage occurs! It has 8 days of battery life too !

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Cotton Lounge Pyjamas

Give your brother the gift of comfort this Raksha Bandhan with these cotton lounge pants that will have him lounging all day and night. They come in many colors to suit his personal style preference and are available for men, women, kids or babies!

These 100% Cotton Lounge Pants can be a perfect present for any occasion like birthdays, holidays, Valentine’s Day – they’re great as Christmas presents too! With so much selection there is no excuse not to find something you love at an affordable price point.

A5 Leather Notebook with Pocket & Pen Holder

You know how your brother is always writing notes for his various classes? Give him this A5 Leather Notebook this Raksha Bandhan that can be refillable with loose leaf business note pads and has a pen holder attached.

This leather-bound, 100 sheet notebook comes in an assortment of colors to suit any personality or taste! The cover clips shut so you don’t have to worry about it spilling out everywhere – but the best part are those built-in pockets on either side where pens, pencils, highlighters and more fit perfectly without being lost at the bottom of your bag.

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Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt

Give your brother the gift of warmth with this Men’s Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is perfect for a Raksha Bandhan present because it will keep him warm during the coming winter months!

It’s lightweight enough to wear as an outer layer when warmer weather strikes but heavy enough to use underneath layers on cold days without being bulky – not just comfortable, practical too!.

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Fragrance gift set

If you have a brother, this is the perfect time to show him how much he means to you. The Fragrance gift set includes unique scents like lavender and juniper berry, so that your brother can enjoy his favorite smells year-round. For sisters who are always looking out for their brothers’ health and happiness, this can be a perfect gift to give on Raksha Bandhan.

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Mountain Hiking Fleece

Does your brother like to go on hikes or long camping trips? A nice gift for him would be a a hiking fleece Jacket.

You might not know about Quechua Men’s Mountain Hiking Fleece, but your brother will love this as a gift. The fleece is designed to keep him warm and comfortable in cold weather conditions while he hikes through the mountains or mountain ranges around his home.

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Tie Clip

Gift him a tie clip which can add that final touch needed in his ensemble and make him stand out from other men who have just chosen an overly-casual approach.

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Best Travel Gifts for Raksha Bandhan

Have you ever dreamed of going on a trip with your siblings? If so, then these travel-themed gifts are perfect for any sibling who can’t wait to explore the world!

Water Bottles Sets

  • Portable Charger (Power Bank)
  • Neck Pillow with Mask Combo
  • Desk Globe
  • Packing Cubes
  • Toiletary Bottles
  • World Map Wall Art
  • Foldable Duffle Bag
  • Card Holder
  • Portable Luggage Scale
  • Backpack
  • Colonge
  • Travel Organizers
  • Camping Hammock
  • Backpacking towel
  • Camera Tripod
  • Bluetooth Camera Remote

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