Simon Cabaret in Phuket: Beautiful Ladyboy show Phuket tickets, timings, and my experience

Phuket is full of spectacular nightlife. While the options to indulge your visual senses is plenty, one of the most popular event that you ought not miss when in Phuket is Simon Cabaret (also known as Simon Show), an unforgettable theatrical experience featuring music, songs, dance, comedy and drama by an ensemble of beautiful ladyboy performers. 

What to expect at Simon Cabaret in Phuket ?

simon cabaret in phuket - outside the theatre
Simon Cabaret in Phuket – outside the theatre

My experience watching the performance of lady boys at Simon Cabaret was mind-blowing! It was a fun-filled evening of glamorous entertainment and art performance. With a spectacular portrayal of style and color, Phuket Simon Cabaret is perhaps the leading venue for cabaret performance in Southeast Asia. It was quite a crowd when I visited the venue, with foreigners and locals alike. Thousands of tourists from around the world gather here every evening to enjoy the stunning phuket cabaret show by the beautiful ladyboy of Thailand.

What to expect at Simon Cabaret Show in Phuket ?

  • unique dance performance
  • interesting musical theme
  • comedy and laughter
  • a stunning visual treat
  • photos with the lady boys

Ladyboys – the Stars of Simon Cabaret in Phuket

simon cabaret in phuket - beautiful ladyboy performers
Simon cabaret in Phuket – The performers

The beautiful ladyboy performers of Thailand

My first encounter with lady boys of Thailand happened in Bangkok. It was my first visit, and I was causally walking down a street in Sukhumvit, when I was approached by a lady boy. She asked me my name and offered her service. Unlike many transgender sex workers in India, I found the ladyboys of Bangkok quite polite and friendly. They were not very pushy, and when I told her that I am here with my woman friend, she smiled and wished me a good stay. We even connected with each other on Facebook!

While many ladyboys in Thailand work as sex workers, a lot of them have turned to offering other forms of entertainment service to the tourist. Cabaret dance shows are one popular profession that that has absorbed many lady boys. In Thailand, lady boys are known as Kathoey. The term is loosely defined but one of my friends from Thailand explained to me that Kathoey are usually transgender women, although some effeminate gay men also use this identity. I was also told that most transgender women in Thailand prefer calling themselves ‘phuying’ instead. I found it very confounding because many thinks that kathoey are a separate sex altogether, a belief that even a lot of transgenders share themselves. It can be hard to tell a lady boy from a woman in Thailand. They have very feminine figures and at times it can be difficult to believe that they were not born as a female!

The ladyboys I met at the Simon Cabaret in Phuket looked stunning, like goddesses out of a mythical legend!

Phuket cabaret show – The Theatre

simon cabaret in phuket - The theatre
Simon Cabaret in Phuket – The theatre

Simon Cabaret in Phuket is organized in a luxurious venue built in the form of a theatre with a capacity of over 600 people. The seats are very comfortable, and the hall is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology, stunning designs and lighting. If you are looking for the best views, there is an option to book the VIP seats on the first floor. These seats are very close to the stage and offer intimate viewing experience. While the regular seats are a little further away from stage, they are good option if you are traveling on budget. There are options to buy drinks at the bar, and the best part is that you can bring them into the theater and enjoy the show while drinking.

Is Photography allowed at Simon Cabaret in Phuket  ?

simon cabaret in phuket - Photographs with beautiful ladyboy performers
Simon Cabaret in Phuket – Photographs with the performers

While it can be quite tempting to take photos and videos inside the theater, it is strictly prohibited and could attract fines if caught. You do however get the opportunity to meet the performers and take back cherished memories in the form of lovely photos at the end of the show. The dancers usually line up for photos outside the theater after show, and you can have your photo clicked with the dancers of your choice for a small fee. You can choose as many dancers as you want dancers and they would be happy to pose with you for a little over 100 Baht per dancer. 

Ladyboy Show Phuket – What is the act like ?

Simon Cabaret in Phuket is known for its flamboyant and beautiful ladyboy performers in carnival style costume, featuring feather headdresses and extravagant presentation. Their act involves traditional Thai dance, music, and comedy routines. Because a huge chunk of audience are tourists from other countries, the act incorporates themes from all over the world!

At Simon Cabaret in Phuket, you get a mix music genre from countries like India, Korea, China and Russia in their act. There is pop music, Latin, burlesque, Bollywood item songs, Broadway and more. Songs by artists like Beyoncé and Madonna are also commonly featured. The Simon Cabaret in Phuket that I visited in Phuket even had a Disney act. And to top it up, there was also a Hindi song featured on the act ! There were also songs are in English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

More Information about Simon Cabaret in Phuket

The Simon Cabaret in Phuket is located on 8 Sirirat road in Patong Beach about 1½ kilometers South of Jungceylon shopping mall.

Show times

There are three shows daily, at 6 pm, 7:30 pm and 9 pm. The show lasts about one hour.


Official Website: Phuket Simon Cabaret – Phuket’s Best Cabaret Show. (

Ticket Booking: Simon Cabaret Show (

Simon Cabaret in Phuket – Official Trailer

Simon Cabaret in Phuket Performance by beautiful ladyboy performers (Video)

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This place is one of the best known bkk nightlife venue in the heart of Bangkok, and also one of the most visited tourists attractions in Thailand. Soi means street in Thai, and that’s what Soi Cowboy is. It is a short street, approximately 200 metres long, filled with go go bars, massage parlors, live music venues, street food and more ! Soi Cowboy is notorious for being a red light zone, although not officially designated as such, but one can feel the vibes quite strongly. : )

I had never been to a go go bar before, and had no intention of going there as a patron. But I wanted to see how these bars work. Luckily, I had the chance to explore a go go bar in Soi Cowboy street !

What is a Go Go Bar?

For those of you who don’t know, a go go bar is a type of entertainment venue where you can enjoy food and drinks while scantily clad dancers set the mood. If you are looking for dazzling nightlife in Bangkok for singles, soi cowboy street will not disappoint you. The girls and layboys working here are not strippers, although in some places the line between a strip club and a go go bar can be blurred.

My Experience at Soi Cowboy

I did not indulge in any naughty stuff in Soi Cowboy street, although it’s quite tempting to do it where you are there. As you know, these are most often venues for sex work, and the dancers are usually available to be taken home by customers after paying a bar fine. And let’s not get into the moral aspects and political correctness of such a business model. Go Go bars are important segment of Thailand’s tourism industry, and provides lively hood to a lot of people. While adult entertainment is not a bad thing according to me, it is important to have strict regulations in place that would prevent these dancers from exploitation, trafficking and sexually transmitted diseases.

When you are in Bangkok, take some time to visit this wonderland of exhibitionism. Be responsible and polite, especially when a woman or a ladyboy holds your hand and tries to take you into the bar. They are normally very friendly and charming, although instances of pickpocketing and theft is not uncommon.

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