nightlife in Bangkok for singles

Soi Cowboy – Nightlife in Bangkok for singles ?

Kishlay Singh

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If go go bar is your thing, Soi Cowboy street is the place to be at ! 😉

This place is one of the best known bkk nightlife venue in the heart of Bangkok, and also one of the most visited tourists attractions in Thailand. Soi means street in Thai, and that’s what Soi Cowboy is. It is a short street, approximately 200 metres long, filled with go go bars, massage parlors, live music venues, street food and more ! Soi Cowboy is notorious for being a red light zone, although not officially designated as such, but one can feel the vibes quite strongly. : )

I had never been to a go go bar before, and had no intention of going there as a patron. But I wanted to see how these bars work. Luckily, I had the chance to explore a go go bar in Soi Cowboy street !

What is a Go Go Bar?

For those of you who don’t know, a go go bar is a type of entertainment venue where you can enjoy food and drinks while scantily clad dancers set the mood. If you are looking for dazzling nightlife in Bangkok for singles, soi cowboy street will not disappoint you. The girls and layboys working here are not strippers, although in some places the line between a strip club and a go go bar can be blurred.

My Experience at Soi Cowboy

I did not indulge in any naughty stuff in Soi Cowboy street, although it’s quite tempting to do it where you are there. As you know, these are most often venues for sex work, and the dancers are usually available to be taken home by customers after paying a bar fine. And let’s not get into the moral aspects and political correctness of such a business model. Go Go bars are important segment of Thailand’s tourism industry, and provides lively hood to a lot of people. While adult entertainment is not a bad thing according to me, it is important to have strict regulations in place that would prevent these dancers from exploitation, trafficking and sexually transmitted diseases.

When you are in Bangkok, take some time to visit this wonderland of exhibitionism. Be responsible and polite, especially when a woman or a ladyboy holds your hand and tries to take you into the bar. They are normally very friendly and charming, although instances of pickpocketing and theft is not uncommon.

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