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Blogging has been around for quite some time now. I started my first blog some ten years ago, and in the years that followed I created some more. None of those blogs helped me earn money. The problem was that most of the free blogs that I created did not offer customizations that allow ads to be shown. Also, I had no idea about how the highest paid blogs make money.

Paid Domain and Hosting to the rescue

It was not until last year that I decided to take blogging seriously. The lockdown forced me into home and I had ample time to pursue my passion of making money through blogging. This time I opted for a paid domain and hosting from wordpress. The plan allows you to display advertisements from word ad, Adsense, Adsterra and more , and you get paid on the basis of the number of times the ads appear on your posts and pages. Pretty neat. Right?

Automattic (the company that owns Word Ads) gives some good insight about making money from WordPress blogs in the below video

Display Advertisement is one of the most popular ways some of the highest paid blogs make money.

But there is a catch ! Having a website with a provision to make money for showing ads means nothing if you don’t have visitors. I know the struggle; it can feel like an impossible dream. The competition out there is insane, and search engines are brutal when it comes to ranking new contents. They rank content using hundreds of factors, and it can be impossible to optimize your page for all those factors. Some of the factors like backlinks from highest paid blogs with great ratings are almost impossible to get for new bloggers. Does that mean new bloggers don’t stand a chance here?

Also watch

The way out

Luckily, there are ways to get around the obstacle of ranking. I was able to design some techniques that quickly helped me grow traffic from search engines. And I did this by making the search engines realize that my content is valuable and worth showing at the top. One way to do that is to make people stay on your page for longer durations of time. If people are spending more time on your page than your competitors, it gives the search engines a hint that your offering must be valuable and therefore worth showing on top. For this to work, you need an initial hook because, of course, unless people come to your blog, you cannot think about making them stay. This is where paid advertisement and social media promotion comes into play.

By carefully creating a CPC campaign on platforms like google ads or facebook,  you can drive initial traffic to your website at a very affordable cost. Make those paid visitors spend a lot of time on the page by offering valuable content, and after a week you can pause the ad campaign. And bingo ! If things are done right, you will start seeing organic traffic trickle in your pages automatically.

The take always is that content is king, and marketing is queen.

Think like an entrepreneur

You need to think like an entrepreneur to become successful through blogging, and most importantly, diversify your monetization methods to boost your earning opportunities. I earn money through ads, affiliate marketing, and even selling my own eBook. Having a wide scope of monetization will help you get the most out of your traffic.

It’s always a good idea to spend some time learning about the basics. For example – there are policies and rules that you need to abide by when using paid ads. There are rules for displaying affiliate marketing links on your website. And more. Below are some of the best books you can read to educate yourself on blogging before taking the big step of monetization. Some of these books are available for free under kindle unlimited program, and the best part is that you can read them using kindle app on your smart phone.

Some good books to read on Blogging before you get started (Free Previews Included !)

Note – The page contains affiliate links from Amazon and I might earn a small reward if you buy using the above links

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