How to publish a book on amazon and make money

Kishlay Singh

Before discussing the main agenda, which is to make money publishing eBook on Amazon, I would like to give a brief introduction about my own experience in this field.

With lockdowns in effect, there was ample time for me this year to thinking about finally writing that eBook I always wanted to write. Because I am closely associated with the world of finance, my subject was naturally focused around “money”. So I wrote this book called ‘Paisa and the Passive: Financial Literacy in Plain English” in twelve months and published it on KDP. And bingo ! I was finally a self published author, and the royalty mails have been greeting me ever since.

One of the biggest takeaway from my journey was to understand the difference between a best writing author and a best selling author. You can write the best eBook in the world, but you won’t be successful until and unless you know how to get discovered.

How to become a successful KDP author?

Below are some considerations to make if you are looking forward to achieve success in the field of self publishing on platforms like kindle.

Know you audience

Knowing your audience is paramount. When you write a book, you should be clear from the beginning what your audience’s expectation will be. One of the best way to understand your audience is to know what kind of devices they are going to use to read your content. Kindle eBooks can be read on a variety of platforms including mobile phones and web browsers, but one of the most common characteristic across all mediums is the simplicity of layout. Create helpful content and use a simple layout, and it will go great with every kindle platform.

The below YouTube video shows top five kindle e-Readers. Optimizing your content with your reader’s preferences in mind will help you create an efficient book layout. Always keep an eye on what’s happening in the Kindle universe, connect with the community and build good presence as a self published author.

Do Market Research

The below tweet from Amazon Kindle says a lot about what kind of contents usually sell a lot on Kindle.

Of course, there are a lot of other genres that sell great on Amazon; the point here is that staying in touch with the kindle universe can help you understand the nature of eBook market on Amazon. One great way to do that is to regularly follow tweets and news from KDP. The more you are in touch with what’s happening in the kindle universe, the better you will be at gauging the sentiment of the market you are going to target.

Watch popular videos on YouTube on this subject to get an intuitive idea about the psychology of book readers, and you will be able to come up with your next best selling idea in no time !

Create great content

You can write a profitable eBook even with an average writing skill, provided you follow five basic principle of success:

  • Use simple English
  • Focus on solving a problem
  • Take your grammar seriously
  • Get your keywords correct
  • Don’t shy away from paid advertisements

When you’re creating content for an eBook, do smart work by performing a competitors analysis to check what kind of value they are providing. To become successful in a highly competitive market, you need to provide a better option to potential customers who are looking for the types of content that you offer. One great way to get noticed is to use paid advertisements provided by Kindle Direct Publishing. To understand the process of how sponsored ads work, you can watch the detailed webinar by KDP below.


Much of what I did to become successful was to follow the basic principle of economics – the foundation of entrepreneurial thinking of which marketing is an integral part.

Marketing is at the heart of becoming a successful kindle author. Gone are the days of traditional publishing where you had to depend upon your publisher to get discovered in the market . Today a lot of popular eBooks are written in the self-publishing mode, and a lot of them ends up on the best seller list.

Final Thoughts

Success in the world of self publishing boils downs to few fundamental principles. You have to take care of everything from creating great content to branding and marketing. Since that’s a lot of work for an individual, it is always a good idea to leverage technology by investing in tools like Grammarly and Paid Advertisement. Your main goal as a self published author should be to create as much efficiency as possible so that you can dedicate most of your time creating great content, because ultimately content is the king. Learning the skill of selling is also important if you want to create an efficient sales funnel that will draw your readers in, nurture them, and turn them into your customers.

Next Steps

Go ahead and read a book on self-publishing in detail. The best investment is investing in your knowledge. I have provided a good book recommendation below for you to get started.

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