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Is Entrepreneurship a solution to the job crisis?

Entrepreneurship is quite the buzz word lately. And why shouldn’t it be ? In a world where jobs are becoming scarce and robots are getting smarter, the idea of being one’s own boss and being able to live off a business without worrying about getting fired seems alluring. The Binary Middle Finger  The threat of robots taking over the world is no longer a science fiction fantasy. AI is getting smarter. We all know that. If you want to see how smarter they have got, simply translate this page…

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I am finally making money off my blog

I have been a blogger for the last five years. But something changed this year. I went from being a hobbyist blogger to a full fledged entrepreneur Blogger.  For the past six months, my blog has been making me money through various means (I will talk about it in detail later). But do you know how I feel? I feel just like a mom feels when her kid bring her first paycheck home. She knows that now the kid can take care of herself. What a fulfillment ! 😀…

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If you are like most people on earth, you probably want to have a pleasant life where your necessities are met with minimum effort: good food, decent standard of living, a respectable status in the society, and a feeling of fulfillment.

Money can buy you food, shelter, respect, and fulfillment, provided you understand it well, and have a right attitude towards it. The concepts of money can appear quite intimidating, and many of us have gotten it quite wrong.

This simple book on financial literacy will help you overcome this difficulty. Laced with radical revelations from the world of finance, this book will not only change the way you see money, but also equip you with powerful ways to earn it.