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Chinese Stock Market for foreign investors: An opportunity or a trap ?

Disclaimer The information presented here is for information purpose only. It should not be seen as an investment advice or endorsement of any financial instruments in particular. Before making any investments kindly consult your financial advisor. Investing in stock market of other countries is becoming a popular form of portfolio diversification. Funds like PGIM Global Opportunity (among others) make it easy for retail investors in India to get exposure to the top global companies around the world. And not just in India; the trend can be observed in many…

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Making sense (and money) of[f] the Stock Market

Before I begin, I would like to read a disclaimer. “I am not a financial advisor, and I am not professionally qualified to give financial advices. I am just a friendly neighborhood blogger who has learnt stock market all by myself. The analysis and tips I share on this blog is based on my personal investing experience and should not be considered professional financial advice. Before investing in any securities, kindly consult your financial advisor.“ The middle-month Hypothesis What you see in the chart above is the price trend…

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If you are like most people on earth, you probably want to have a pleasant life where your necessities are met with minimum effort: good food, decent standard of living, a respectable status in the society, and a feeling of fulfillment.

Money can buy you food, shelter, respect, and fulfillment, provided you understand it well, and have a right attitude towards it. The concepts of money can appear quite intimidating, and many of us have gotten it quite wrong.

This simple book on financial literacy will help you overcome this difficulty. Laced with radical revelations from the world of finance, this book will not only change the way you see money, but also equip you with powerful ways to earn it.