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Parwanoo (2021) Guide: Places to Visit, Things to Do, Timber Trail Heights and More

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Quicks Facts about Parwanoo

  • Parwanoo is situated near Pinjore and Kalka on the Chandigarh Simla Highway
  • It is an industrial town and has Himachal’s biggest wholesale market.
  • Industrial plants and tourism are important economic drivers of Parwanoo
  • Kalka Shimla rail line passes through Parwanoo.
  • Temperature in winter is around10 degrees celsius, and in summer it can go up to 38 degrees
  • Famous for Cable Car Ride and Timber Trails

About Parwanoo hill station in Himachal Pradesh

Parwanoo is a picturesque town in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. At an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level, Parwanoo attracts tourists from all over the world with its scenic beauty and natural bounties.

There are many places that have been untouched by the outside world and some you can find such places in Parwanoo. The natural beauty of this place is what makes it a must visit for tourists who love exploring new destinations.

(unfortunately, as more and more people discover the true beauty of this place, there will be less to explore in future years to come.  So if you find yourself in India any time soon, make sure you check out this hidden gem before anyone else does!)

How to reach Parwanoo?

Parwanoo is a small town without its own airport. It’s 30 kilometers away from the closest airbase, Chandigarh and 70 KM south of Shimla which hosts an international airport with direct flights to Delhi, Bangkok and other destinations in India. You can easily take a taxi or rent your own car locally if you want some freedom on the road!

Parwanoo is not far from Chandigarh (30 km) but it lacks any local airports for private use so most visitors will have to fly into Shimla International Airport (70km).

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Places to visit in Parwanoo

Parwanoo Cable Car Ride

The cable car ride up the mountains to see the stunning view of tourists is one of the most popular attractions in Parwanoo. It’s a quick and convenient way to see that gorgeous skyline, but it may not be for those who fear heights. 😛

Timber Trail in Parwanoo

Parwanoo is a relatively remote location in India, but the Timber Trail Hotels are worth every mile. The resorts offer an unparalleled experience for travelers looking to get away from it all. For those who need some extra relaxation time, there’s nothing better than a luxurious spa and treatments at our on-site health center. The resort make sure that they cater to your needs by offering three different room types for you to choose from – Standard Rooms with twin beds, Junior Suites with double bed or King Suite with king size bed; each come equipped with individual climate control systems so you can stay cool during the summer months and warm during winter days. Not only do these rooms provide comfort but also exclusivity as they ensure privacy of guests.

Check out more about Parwanoo timber trail on their official website given below:

Kali Mata Temple at Parwanoo hill station

Kali Mata Temple is a famous tourist spot for Hindus in Parwanoo and visitors come here from all over India during the Navratri time. The temple has an interesting legend behind it, too! According to this tradition, when the Pandavas were exiled in their forest exile, they visited this place. The pandavas found a goddess known as Jakhmata or Kalka Bhagwati meditating at that site. They had been advised by Lord Shiva about how to find her but did not know what she looked like. So they asked some wild animals nearby who told them that she was wearing red clothes with weapons such as swords and trident hanging on trees around her. So the Pandava brothers went near where they saw these signs of Goddess Kalka.

If you’re looking for a spiritual place to visit while you’re in Parwanoo, make sure not to miss out on visiting this ancient shrine!

Parwanoo Fruit Orchard

Parwanoo  is known as “Orchard Town.” and for a good reason. This place has a pleasant climate and charm that attracts tourists from all over. Visitors to this area can take leisurely walks through the greenery while enjoying an aromatic air, or stop by one of many juice stalls for some fresh fruit.

Parwanoo  has favorable climate and attracts tourists from all over the world who come to enjoy a relaxing picnic amidst scenic views. It produces many varieties of fruits such as apples, peaches and apricots that are sold throughout India. If you’re looking for a nice vacation spot with some great scenery, then make sure you visit Parwanoo Fruit Orchards.

Cactus Garden at Parwanoo

The Cactus Garden in Parwanoo is a beautiful place to visit. It’s home to 3,500 species of cacti and endangered plants from the Asian region including China, Japan and Korea. It also has greenhouses with climate control services.

Gurkah Fort

You may be wondering what makes Gurkha Fort so special. Well, located in Subathu, which is approximately 4500 feet high and near Kasauli in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, this place offers opportunity for some great cultural exploration. It’s dense forests offer a great place to explore the rich history of this region.

There are also other fascinating places nearby like Parwanoo with its Mughal styled gardens at Pinjore, about 10 km from Parwanoo.

Ashokan Rock inscription at Kali Pathri in Brahmi at Parwanoo

Parwanoo Rock Inscriptions

You must be familiar with the story of King Ashoka was sorry for what he had done after the Kalinga war. He realized that people were in pain and misery because of him. To make up for the bad things he did, he turned to Buddhism. From then on, Ashoka worked to spread the Buddhist teachings through edicts and by carving them into stone monuments.

In the ninth year, affected by misery inflicted upon by the people by his successful invasion and conquest of Kalinga, Ashoka was filled with remorse and in order to expiate for the sins he decided to spread the Buddhist ethical or the ‘Dhamma’ in his domains.

Since then, Ashoka labored continuously to spread the Buddhist moral preaching through edicts and carvings on monolith pillars, and engraving on the rock and caves throughout the length and breadth of his vast empire.

One of such shelter houses might have existed on ancient highway which passes through Pinjore and Kalka and inter Himalayan interiors of the Shimla hills along the Sukhana nullah. Two inscriptions were discovered in December 1991 on a huge grey sandstone rock locally known as kali pathri, situated on the left Bank of Sukhana Nullah in sector 5 of Parwanoo above the railway bridge not far away from Kalka.

The inscriptions are in Bramhi language.

Exploring Local Cuisines at Parwanoo

Parwanoo is an ideal destination for travelers looking to experience authentic Himachal Pradesh cuisines. If you’re looking for restaurants serving lip smacking multi-cuisine dishes at affordable prices, explore the menus available at Timber Trail Resort, Hotel Royal Regency, Moksha, and Shubham Plaza. The essence of local and regional elements can be experienced through their menu items which include delicacies such as Dal Badi Churma (a traditional dish from Kullu Valley), Rista or Tandoori Momos (from Shimla) among others.

This restaurants at Parwanoo offer has so many choices when it comes to cuisine that there’s something for everyone! The owners are passionate about local ingredients and have used them throughout their menu. They offer affordable prices on all their dishes which makes this resort perfect for travelers who want a true taste of regional flavors without breaking the wallet.

If you find yourself in the small town of Parwanoo and are looking for a little retail therapy with no shopping malls nearby, take your taste buds on an adventure. There’s lots to enjoy here from fresh fruit orchards filled with mangoes and papayas to mouth-watering pickles made up of meat.

Dhalli on the northern outskirts of Parwanoo near the Simla highway is famous for its Non Veg pickle and meat shops, the most famous of them which is run by the Walia family. 

Staying near Parwanoo hill station

If you’re looking for a luxurious place to stay in the Parwanoo area, Timber Trail Hotels is your destination. The resort offer an extraordinary experience with cable cars that can take you up into the mountains. All of their properties provide luxury, serenity, and relaxation so if any of these things sound like what you need on your next vacation check out more about Parwanoo Timber Trail.

Timber Trail Heights

Timber Trail Heights is located at the foothills Himalayan Mountain Range at 4500 ft. It can be accessed only through a cable car. The ride offers panoramic views of the Shavlik range. It is great for families. Timber Trail Heights offer lots of fun activities including children’s picnic area.


The small town of Parwanoo, India doesn’t offer much in the way of shopping for clothes or electronics. But what they do have is plenty to keep you busy and entertained while on a trip around this part of the world. Whether it be tasting some freshly made jams at one shop or picking up a jar full of mouth-watering pickles from another store, there are all sorts of things that will make your taste buds tingle with delight if you happen to find yourself making your way through these parts.

Important big business establishments in Parwanoo

  • Morepan  Laboratories
  • Microtek India
  • JP Industries
  • JP Healthcare
  • Mahle Group
  • Fujiyama Power Systems (UTL)
  • Hanoor

Future of Tourism in Parwanoo

Parwanoo has immense tourism potential. The place abounds in countless tourist attractions, picnic spots, religious places, lakes, natural springs, skiing/natural scenic beauty, trekking and camping areas. They serve as a potential source of enjoyment to the tourists coming from within the country and abroad. It also presents a good employment opportunity for the locals in the tourism sector.

The development of numerous places of tourist interest like the cable car ride has lead to the growing popularity of Parwanoo. The tourist organizations are making vigorous efforts to consolidate the accommodation and catering facilities to the tourists visiting Parwanoo. Progress have been at halt recently due to covid-19, but with the lockdown lifted, the tourists are returning, and Parwanoo is back on the tourist maps again.

Parwanoo is likely to see activities such as establishment, development, promotion and execution of new projects that are likely to accelerate the pace of tourism in Himachal. The state government has taken a number of steps to increase the inflow of tourists in Parwanoo and the neighboring areas including during the off-season winter months. In order to streamline the functioning of various units, old furnishings and furniture in most of the guest houses are being replaced and many new amenities are being added to make the stay of the tourists more comfortable.

Concluding Paragraph

Parwanoo is a great travel destination to visit. It has some stunning scenery and scenic views that will leave you breathless for days after your visit. You can find many cultural attractions with hints of Buddhist relics throughout the region. This destination offers something for everyone from hiking trails to lush forests filled with native wildlife!

The Parwanoo Timber trail cable car is one of India’s most iconic sites for tourists. It offers an unrivaled experience where you can see dense forests from a birds eye view. There are some rock carvings and the best that Indian cuisine to explore as well.

I hope you will find this guide on Parwanoo helpful. Feel free to leave a comment.

Frequently asked questions about Parwanoo

How to reach Parwanoo by road?

Residents of Parwanoo enjoy a singularity that most other villages in the region lack. They are able to travel by bus from all neighboring states including Delhi, Haryana and Punjab with ease. These buses take passengers on routes connecting not only nearby cities such as Chandigarh or Ambala but also those like Shimla which lie further away. Make sure you bargain the price before hiring a taxi !

How to reach Parwanoo by train?

Kalka is the nearest railway station to Parwanoo, but it is located 4 km outside town. It is connected to major cities like Delhi and Kolkata. You can easily hire a cab from just outside of the station.

How to find Local transport in Parwanoo?

Parwanoo, being a major industrial hub has many ways to travel within the city. Cabs are easily available and can be rented for whole day trips. Taxis are typically easy and affordable for you to hire on the spot .

Can I visit Parwanoo in monsoon?

Monsoon season is prone to heavy rainfall that could ruin your trip or even worse- put people in danger as they’re caught off guard by sudden floods on their way home from work or school.

How is the winter season in Parwanoo?

Winters are also very cold so if travelling then try carrying some heavy woolens with you since there is such low amount of sunlight and things can get frosty.

Explore more hill stations in Parwanoo

Get to know Himachal Pradesh with this amazing guidebook. This book can help you decide where to go and what to do . Learn about unique Buddhist culture of the tribal belts like Lahaul and Spiti, Parwanoo and Dharamshala, eco tourism destinations, or enjoy one of India’s most famous hill stations in Dalhousie. For more travel advice on how to explore Himachal Pradesh yourself, take advantage of our local guides who will show you around popular attractions or share their favorite little-known places that are perfect for an off-the-beaten path adventure!

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