Tulum Goa: All you need to Know (2021 Guide)

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Tulum is a municipality in Mexico. Tulum is also the name of a beach side restaurant in Goa. Recently there has been a rising search interest for terms related to Tulum, making people wonder what’s the connection between Tulum and Goa. In this blogpost I will tell you in detail about both the places and what is the buzz about Tulum Goa Connection. Furthermore, I will give you in-depth information about visiting Tulum in Goa so keep reading.

Tulum (Mexico)

Firstly, let us clear the confusion. Tulum in goa is a beach resort and should not be confused with Tulum Municipality in Mexico. Below map shows the location of Tulum municipality in mexico.

The below video gives you tons of information about how to reach Tulum in Mexico

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Tulum (Goa)

Tulum in Goa is the perfect place to escape from reality. It’s a small beach resort that you might never see a lot on Instagram or Pinterest because it doesn’t have any famous landmarks like other tourist destinations. But don’t let its lack of popularity fool you – while many people are drawn to this destination for its laid-back atmosphere and tranquil beach experience, they stay because there are plenty of things to do in between hammocks sessions.

Tulum Goa draws its inspiration from Tulum in Mexico. And for that reason, you can not only enjoy fresh seafood tacos but also delicious crepes and churros !

A perfect destination for anyone looking to get away from it all, Tulum in Goa an eclectic mix of people and cultures, with a fun and laid-back atmosphere that offers visitors plenty of opportunity to enjoy their surroundings. There are restaurants that offer everything from lobster tacos to crepes (wait times can be excruciatingly slow). The oceanfront setting also features amazing shacks with views of the Sea—not bad at all! Stop by this Mexican style beach resort if you want some time off in paradise.

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How to reach?

If you are looking for a way to get from the airport in Goa to Tulum Beach Resort, there are many options available. You can take a taxi or shuttle service, rent your own car or book an organized tour with someone else that specializes in getting groups of people from one place to another.

Address: Near Xavier Retreat House, Baga, Goa

Tulum Goa Information

Average Cost of Eating

The average cost of eating at Tulum can be around ₹1000 to ₹ 2000 excluding alcohol. (₹1,000 is about $15 USD.) The average cost for two is computed as follows: Average of 2 appetizers + 2 mains + 2 beverages + 1 dessert. It might not seem like a lot of money for most people in India,  but if you want to go out with your friends and eat like kings and queens, the actual cost you incur at a restaurant might change depending on your appetite. There can also be changes in restaurant menu prices.

(Going out and eating at restaurants can be expensive in India, but there are ways to eat cheaply too. 😉)

Tulum goa reservation

There doesn’t seem to be a way to book Tulum Goa Beach Resort online at the time of writing this blog post. But you can always check with them directly. Also, it’s possible that they only accept payments in cash. It’s always a good to demand a valid bill for your expenses so that your taxes go to the right authorities.

What people say about Tulum Goa?

There are mixed reviews about Tulum in Goa. Some travelers say they had a great time at this beautiful location. Many complain about the lack of WiFi or decent bathroom facilities. There are reports of customers complaining about overpriced drinks and food that is not being reasonably priced. The wait time can be long and you might be demanded cover charge as per some visitors. It is a good idea to check with the staff at the reception before making a booking.

Places to stay near Tulum Goa


Photos Near Tulum in Goa


While Baga Beach remains a popular destination for partying, if you are looking for relaxed experience, head to Tulum which is located close to Baga Beach. A short five-minute rocky trek leads you straight to this secluded beach bar that’s worth the trip and your Instagram followers will thank you!

Tulum Beach Bar is best if you’re looking to channel your erstwhile breezy personality. A short five-minute rocky trek leads to this self-proclaimed “most Instagrammable beach bar in Goa.” With the golden sand beneath your feet and wind grazing your face, it is one of those few secluded spots on the overcrowded stretches of Baga. Here, sunset hour becomes a time for revelry as opposed to relaxation. The vibe here is decidedly more casual than elsewhere so if that’s what you’re after then this might be just the place for you!