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Fishermen at Palolem Beach during monsoon

Monsoon in Goa : An unforgettable experience

The monsoon has arrived! If you’ve ever been to Goa during this period you will relate to the excitement I am about to describe. Monsoon season in Goa brings with it heavy rains as well as strong winds that can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. This makes it a great […]

Palolem Beach Resort picture

I stayed at the Palolem Beach Resort during monsoon

South Goa has some of the most spectacular beaches in India, and Palolem always comes at the top of a visitor’s list. The Beach Palolem Beach is about a mile (about 1.61 km) long, crescent-shaped beach with white sand with jutting rocks on both ends, overlooking the blue bay between two estuaries.  The depth of […]

Simon Cabaret in Phuket: Ladyboy show Phuket tickets, timings, and my experience

Phuket is full of spectacular nightlife. Simon Cabaret in Phuket is an unforgettable theatrical experience featuring music, songs, dance, comedy and drama by an ensemble of transgender performers.

Soi Cowboy – An ally of naughtiness

This place is one of the best known late-night entertainment venue in the heart of Bangkok, and also one of the most visited tourists attractions in Thailand. Soi means street in Thai, and that’s what Soi Cowboy is. It is a short street, approximately 200 metres long, filled with go go bars, massage parlors, live music venues, street food and more ! Soi Cowboy is notorious for being a red light zone,

This six-story mall at Thonglor is home to a range of Japanese restaurants and cafes. Don Don Donki outlet here offers the same merchandise as the original Don Quijote stores in Japan.

Castaway – A day at Neil Island

Neill Island, now known as Shaheed Dweep, is located in Ritchie’s Archipelago of the Andaman island, somewhere between the Havelock and Island. It’s a relatively unexplored part of Andaman, and when I visited there it was impossible to find internet connection. (Read More)

Adventures in Nongriat

It shakes, not just from the force of your feet striding along the pathway, but also from the winds that blow across the boisterous stream. You’re tempted to look down, but then a sense of fear grips your heart. Bridges do collapse, even the ones that are made more resourcefully using modern machineries; so trusting in the footsteps of my local guide, David, over this perilous bridge was either lunacy or an act of self-liberation.

Trekking in Nongriat village Sohra, Meghalaya
Nongriat village Sohra, East Khasi hills
Nongriat village double decker living root bridge

The bridge may look like it is straight out of a Disney movie, but it’s very real. They are usually made from living plant roots and some take centuries to form ! (Read More)

Amazon Product Review – Wildcraft Trekking Bags

Choosing a trekking backpack is not easy. You have to take into consideration a lot of factors like what is the duration of your trek, where is the location, what kind of terrain you are going to face, and what the weather condition is going to be like.

For day hikes, a backpack under 35 liters is a good choice. You don’t want it to be heavy because you would be packing only the

In this Guide

  • Are wildcraft bags good choice for trekking ?
  • Selecting a backpack for your need
  • Popular wildcraft bags
  • Top five wildcraft trekking bags on Amazon
  • Protecting your backpack from Rain and Dust

A Spritual Escapade !

On a very cold morning, while the sun still lurked below the skyline, I sat at the edge of a frosty granite bench, shivering under the woolen jacket, which despite being profusely compact, barely kept the cold out. (Read More)

A Visit to ‘The Black Pagoda’ !

During my stay in Orissa, I got the chance to visit the famous Sun Temple of Konark (also known as The Black Pagoda). The road to Konark from Puri offers some good views of natural diversity (Read More)

Existential Crisis in Varanasi !

Yes I have known the despair that arises out of an existential awareness. When you question the meaning of everything, your very existence become a big question mark in itself. Existential crisis is tough to live with because life never remains the same. (Read More)

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Unusual Street foods – An unforgettable experience

My beautiful Thai friend took me to a busy night market, and the sights just blew my mind away! It was a cultural shock to see insects being peddles as delicious street food, something which would appall a lot of Indians. But it important to respect other’s culture and food habits, especially when you are traveling abroad.

The world is your oyster !

Oyster is a type of bivalve mollusks usually found in brackish waters. While there are many types of them out there, some are commonly consumed cooked or raw. They are regarded as a delicacy in many parts of the world.  (Read More)

Ladyboy show Phuket tickets, timings, review

Phuket is full of spectacular nightlife. While the options to indulge your visual senses is plenty, one of the most popular event that you ought not miss when in Phuket is Simon Cabaret (also known as Simon Show), an unforgettable theatrical experience featuring music, songs, dance, comedy and drama by an ensemble of transgender performers. 

We’re also offering unique, handmade ceramic mugs as well as original sets, consisting of tea, cups and matching tea pot, perfect for gifting. (Read More)

Best Places to Stay in Goa

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Rot Fie Night Train Market 

Her fingers gripped my arms tightly as she lugged me through the crowd— a chafing march through the swarm of excited night punters. The bazaar looked intriguing with all its vivid arcades, housing an  assortment of exotic collectables and ephemeras. She continued to haul me through the crowd protectively, for (Read More)

Thoughts on Leisure

It was a warm winter afternoon. I was wandering through a bushy trail along the coast of south Goa, feeling as ecstatic and warm as a reptile lazing under the sun. I had been creeping through the narrow trail for long, heading towards a small, rocky hill which a fellow hiker from England had said was a (Read More)

A reflective afternoon

October is the time of changeover. One can see plastic veils finally lifting of the beach huts, and woodcrafters, immersed in their art of joinery, refurbishing the beach cabins which would serve as accommodation for tourists in the coming few months. (Read More)